How much do the invisalign braces cost compared to the regular metal braces?

Have a pre­teen that may be get­ting them for her impacted teeth but par­ents have never had braces. Esti­mate of monthly cost would be help­ful. Any info you pro­vide would be appre­ci­ated. Thanks

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3 Responses to How much do the invisalign braces cost compared to the regular metal braces?

  1. nicewhte... says:

    Invisalign would not be the treat­ment of choice for a child with impacted teeth. While they may be esthetic, invisalign is best used for minor crowd­ing and sim­ple retreats. Tra­di­tional braces are much more effi­cient and effec­tive in treat­ing mal­oc­clu­sions (improper bites). But to answer your ques­tion, invisalin is typ­i­cally at least $1500 more than tra­di­tional braces due to increased lab cost and will prob­a­bly run you upwards of $6000 from an ortho­don­tist and prob­a­bly a lit­tle less from a gen­eral den­tist though they do not have near the train­ing or exper­tise to straighten teeth. If esthet­ics is you and your child’s upmost con­cern you should talk to your ortho­don­tist about using ceramic or clear braces on the upper teeth only. The ceramic is a harder mate­r­ial than your tooth enamel so it is bet­ter to use metal brack­ets on the lower teeth to reduce enamel wear should your child bite on the lower brack­ets. Most ortho­don­tist require a down pay­ment and then split the remain­ing bal­ance over the esti­mated treat­ment time which aver­ages 26 months. There is also third party financ­ing avail­able for braces. I hope this helps.

  2. DJ says:

    You need to see an ortho­don­tist, not every­one qual­i­fies for invasalign. Make an appoint­ment for a con­sult, they can give you the info you will need to make a decision.

  3. gazeygoo says:

    Right now i say about the aver­age for invisalign is at 5000.00. For sim­ple cases at least 3500.00
    How bad are your teeth? It really depends on your teeth and how long it will need to take to keep them on.
    Do you have insur­ance? I had insur­ance and my daugh­ter had braces put on. Its been alit­tle over a year and her teeth are in per­fect con­di­tion. I’d say another 1/2 year and we’ll be done.
    She had it done with no pain or extrac­tions.
    they have a new sys­tem where they can fix your teeth with­out pulling them out. The only thing is that you’ll need to have your wis­dom teeth out. Your other teeth remain where they are.
    Also have all your cavaties filled. It helps so they won’t have to work around your braces.
    i think braces are bet­ter. They work faster.
    Check at this site: Four cor­ners ortho­don­tics.
    the Damon Sys­tem.
    It’ll give you an over view of the sys­tem.
    My daugh­ters teeth are beau­ti­ful. Do you live in the four cor­ners area: Colo. Utah. ari­zona or New Mex­ico. If not, I’m sure there are other places who use the system.

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